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Tonight I want to speak to you on Spirit and the depths of it.

20130904-210845.jpgThere are so many things in life that we can know but yet we can never understand, things like, love and beauty or even why some things happen.

There are so many things that we know to be true yet we cannot explain how they are true and nothing would convince you otherwise.

Your lives, the richness of them, of your being, your soul, extends beyond anything that you could ever really comprehend rationally. Beyond all words, beyond all reason and at a very deep level it is a truth that you know without any doubt.

Very few of us, if any, could never really fully explain what makes life so worth living but it in no way changes the fact that it is worth it. Many of us have many storms and tempests in our lives, on the surface but at the core of your soul, you know there always waits peaceful and undisputed joy!

As human nature will have it, our bodies, our minds and our rational way of thinking may bump up against limits and even hit a wall or two but one thing is for certain, our souls can always soar ever higher. Let your soul, the essence of YOU soar and I promise that the rest of you will follow.

Our human lives are so much more than what any of us can ever really touch, see, taste or even think so find the Spirit that is within and give life the best of you no matter what happens at any moment for the moments always pass