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I have realized that many of us seem to have forgotten what we need versus what we want. We add stress and worry to ourselves rather than focusing on the simple things.

zenpeer1-500x333As most of you know this world is far from simple. As humans, we are not made for the life that we have made for ourselves. It is times like this, during the holidays, that we get a taste of what we were meant for, simplicity.

So what does simplicity mean? It means focusing on the important things in our lives and stripping away the rest of it. It can be a way of living with few possessions and connections but more important than anything, it is an attitude and how we each approach life.

Living our lives simple helps us to consume less. Not just in material things but in matters of our heart. We can live more at peace with ourselves and with one another. What it does, it helps us to tell the difference in needs and wants and it places an importance on the needs of others, of humanity over our own hearts. It allows us to live for and to achieve more of what matters in our lives. If we each can learn to live, simply we can focus on the essential things of life and not get lost in the mess and distractions that are man-made. We then listen for the same in the words and the actions of others and we begin to develop clarity of the mind and resolve.

Money can bring happiness but it is only a temporary happiness because it is for the material things that focus on our sensory experiences. As most of us know, over time and as we age, we learn that these become the source of suffering themselves. Do you not want less, not more difficulties in life?

How much worry comes with owning or “wanting” more things than we need? Our cars break down, we lose more money, someone steals from us it costs us money. We suffer because first we want more of these things, “better” things and then we worry about something happening to them. The more we want and the more we get the more worry comes our way.

Let us each focus on the needs of life and on what is important and not the wants that we make needs in our minds. Take the time to focus on what is important each day, God, our family, our children and living for the good of all humankind.