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Most of you may not know this but Santa Claus is a USMC Veteran.  I am writing to each of you now of our military, all branches and in all countries for each are marineconnected because they each fight for their countries. They each have given of themselves for their love of nation and for what is right in their parts of the world.

As of this writing, there is 1.4 Million US troops alone deployed across the globe.

Imagine all of the families that are affected, especially during this time of year, Mothers, Fathers, Sons and Daughters away from home or left back home. Now multiply this for each Nation.

Imagine looking at your tree this year dreaming of Christmas’s past as you look at each ornament. You remember the first time a son or a daughter woke up and ran to the tree to see what Santa brought them. This year though, they will not be running to the tree. They may be running into combat to save a brother or sister or someone they do not even know.

When there day is done they go back, not to home, but to a place filled with bits and pieces of home that they have managed to keep with them. The only Christmas light they may have is the red lens on their Military Issued Angle Light. They may be gathered around putting there, MRE’s together for a special Christmas meal so that they can eat some chow together as family and tell stories of home.

As they recall the moments of home silence comes over them from time to time as they all realize they all have this in common, they miss home, they miss mom and dad, brother and sister. Eyes become watery but not a one will shed a tear. As you look around the room you notice that each has reached into a pocket and pulled a picture of home, of mom, of dad, of brother and sister and of wife and daughter and son.

As the conversations go from one to another you notice that they get closer and closer together and you can almost see an invisible hug between them all, comforting them. Many of course have smartphones and they begin to get on and message home. Then they see pages like this. They see places full of messages from each of you to them, yet you do not know them. They gather closer to read them and then you look and see arms on shoulders and eyes fixated on the screens.

You look closer and around the room and now, you notice, as they read your messages to them, that the tears that were once held a bay are not flowing down their battle-hardened faces all the while they are smiling.  They laugh and their eyes open wider with each message that they read.

They have come home because of these messages if even just for a second you brought them home and you have transcended time and space with your words to them.

As the night goes on, they begin to wonder off one by one back to their racks. Many lie down and go directly to sleep. Some just walk around the camp thinking of home but now they think of you, perfect strangers. Each of them realize that their sacrifice is not in vain because of you and they vow within their hearts to make it home but until then they will fight harder for each of you.

After an hour or so, the siren sounds and blasts begging going off and shots are being fired. They each jump up, grab their gear and head out the door to give it their all as they do each day but this time as they each pass the threshold you see a spark in their eyes that was not there before. You see the spark of hope, the spark of Christmas and the love for each of you.

All of this because of each of you that cared enough to just say, “We love you”.

Truth be told the ones you just saw, may not all make it home but if not they went to join the ranks of Angels and will watch over us still.

May God and all the Angels of Heaven watch over each and every one. Bring them home and if it is their time, welcome them to your ranks with open arms and wings.

Find the Santa that is within each of you and find a way to tell them we love them and are with them always, even if it is just here.