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Good morning  I pray that your days are all going as you wish. If not, tomorrow there always is.

However, this afternoon I want you each to know how important to count each of images (35)your blessings for when you do it attracts more. It helps us each keep a positive attitude; it keeps you proactive and gives us each the ability to experience all that is yours and all that is good that is with you each day.

If you were to each make a list of your blessings, I think that most would include God, family and friends, your career accomplishments, your health, your material possessions or maybe even wisdom that has even changed the lives of others for the better  My question is how many of you think on the hardships, those low points in life. Do you add this to your list of blessings to be thankful for?

Every single event, person or thing, every difficulty you have ever had in the past has brought the YOU, you are HERE to this moment. It probably made you wiser, stronger more understanding or maybe even less hypercritical. Maybe it guided you to a better place by taking you out of a bad one. Whatever it is there should be no question in your minds that the barriers and the hardships that once or are challenging you it has most likely served you.

I want each of you to know that each of you has the ability to take any chaos in your lives and turn it into a blessing but simply beginning with a simple understanding that it already is one, a blessing.

Any darkness we enter into in life always leads us to the light. It is a rule but a rule we as individuals must follow. We must do so for ourselves and for those to whom we are connected to, for this will ensure a better tomorrow.