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When we are going through difficulty or pain, especially during this time of year, it’s easy to become so consumed with our own story that we neglect the needs of those around us.

magical-night-with-stars-and-tree-wallpapers-tMany of us have lost our stars, a loved one, that have guided us through our lives but just because we cannot see our stars does not mean that they not there. They are indeed still with us and guiding us, we just have to learn to listen

For now, though I want each of you to know that the greatest tests and gifts in our lives are the moments we are given a chance to help others, despite the fact that we are suffering through our own storm.

Seizing those opportunities is what makes the storm calm, the clouds part, and the Light shine in and then, just maybe you can glimpse your stars in the eyes of others.

Find the happiness this season that is within each of you!