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flat,550x550,075,fI do hope that you each have your best day today as I wish this for you each day. Today I want you each to do me a favor. Actually, I want you to do yourselves a favor.

I run a pretty large holiday Facebook page and I get tons of messages and as many emails, letters and messages that I get, from adults, asking ME to do something for them, I want you each to know that you do not have to beg, wish, or hope for favors or gifts from others.

Many of the requests that I get are touching and I do wish that I had the monetary ability to help them, but I cannot. All I can do is send a bit of love, magic and plenty of prayer to them. I also give of my soul in my words to them.

I want you each to know that you can each take advantage of the seconds of your days, the very ones available to you right now to manifest awesome value now. Only you can choose to take the actions that are necessary to bring new things and richness into your lives.

I do know that many lives are burdened with the challenges, limitations, frustrations, obligations, to name a few mountains in life but I want you to do yourself a favor and know that you can push and move forward in life.

Each of you, in spite of whatever is going on, in spite of what is working against you, you can still move ahead. You alone choose to achieve in life in spite of it all!

You see, what matters is not your situation it is your attitude, your thoughts, your heart and your intention to make changes and make things happen. You can find a way. You will find a way.

Connect with your true self and have the courage to make the changes you need for you and for those to whom you each are connected.

Find the Spirit that is within each of you, do yourselves a favor, and live not just this day but also each day with a purpose, a drive and a passion to change life!