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Open letter to AETV:

After your latest decision concerning Duck Dynasty and Phil Robertson (name linked online petition), I will not be watching your network or associated networks any 1521842_704419146244099_1575726508_nfurther and I will do all I can to ensure and promote the same on social media as much as I can.

This country was based on the premise of free speech and the acceptance of it with in the morals of its citizens. You have denied and are attempting to punish a man and family because of this and I am appalled.

Just as a frog is an indicator of our environments health so are you an indicator of our nation. Shame on you and those that had a part in this decision. I guess that cowgirls in bikinis and the lives of the no name rich and the drug addicts are more of an indicator of what you support.

God be with us all!!!