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Good evening to you all, I hope that you each have had a great day.

Tonight I want to speak to you of values. I ask, what values have you recently put hands-on-world1into action in your lives? Integrity, honesty, honor, discipline, compassion, respect and tolerance, all of these are more than words in our vocabulary.

These qualities have the power to change your lives and those lives of whom you are connected. They have the power to change the world. It takes more than speaking these words for them to show this power.

Sadly, I see so many in our society that lack one if not all of these values, in our government in our cities and even in our personal lives. You know that the only way to change this is one person at a time and this begins with each of you.

For any of us to be of real value these values must be lived and to do so we must each realize that there is so much more to making a difference that just making a statement with the above words. An appearance of a value is worth nothing.

When we think these values, when we live these values and when we expect these values in others and put them into action we create positive results in our lives and within our society and we influence the whole of the world.

Find the moral compass that is within and live these values ever moment of every day of every year. Let them become your behavior and you will witness the true power of what it means to have value and to pass it on to others.

Remember that values are yours only when you live by them. Walk your thoughts live your thoughts and add value to your life, the life of others and the whole of humanity.