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The end of 2013 closes another awesome year but this year is different. Today Gwen and I found out that in 2014, she and I will be welcoming a new family member!

CaptureThis afternoon Vanessa brought Becca over while she went to the doctor. We just thought it was a routine visit. She comes back and while we are sitting around together, just talking Cody comes to the door, not unusual, really. He works for the railroad so he goes home during the day from time to time and we just figured he was stopping by to see Vanessa and Becca.

I made me something to eat and was sitting in the living room listening to the conversations not really paying attention. All of a sudden, my hearing picked up on Cody saying “yep, next year it will be twice as busy”. I stop mid bite and look at Vanessa. Gwen notices that I stop and I ask Vanessa, “What did he say?”

Vanessa asks, “Why are you looking at me that way” and I ask them both again, “what did you say”. Gwen at this point is looking at me as if I am going crazy because I put my plate down, pick it back up, look at them both and just say, “Really! Are you Really???” I knew in an instant by her look!

Vanessa then says “Yes, I am pregnant!” Gwen and I both jump up and grab Vanessa, Cody and Becca and hug them both with all that we are!

Of course, we are crying with happiness at this point. Becca starts crying and says, “I’m not going to be the only child any more. We talk to her and she then says, “It’s a happy cry, I am just not ready to change diapers at 3 in the morning”. She is such a character!

Today is a good day and a moment that Gwen and I will never forget. We are so happy for Vanessa and for Cody and we cannot wait to travel this road with them!

I cannot tell you how happy that I am at this moment. I am a very happy PopPop!!!