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HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! 2014 is here and what will it bring?

For Gwen and me it will bring a new grandchild, a gift from God to Vanessa, Cody, Happy-New-Year-2014-ImageBecca and the whole of our family. It will bring so many more moments for us to carry us through our years. 2014 will be the year I publish what will be my best seller! Have to stay positive about it!

However, what else will it bring? It will bring opportunity! Each day of 2014 will be filled with opportunity and limitless possibilities for each of us. Each day will give each of us a chance to make our lives matter; to make our lives count, to make a difference, to learn and to grow, to achieve and to be the people that we are each meant to be!

This day, TODAY, each of us stands at the threshold of a brand new year. This chapter of your book of life is blank and awaits you to fill its pages. This New Year does not make us any promises, it has no guarantees other than this, each day will be filled with opportunities and challenges, moments and connections but it is up to each of us to recognize each of them, to see the possibilities, to overcome the challenges and to cherish the moments and the connections. When we do this, our world will be enriched because of it.

None of us has to wish for a Happy New Year at all for each of us has the power to make it so. We each have the power to make 2014 a year of love, fulfillment and accomplishment for all of us. 2014 can and will be a year the will guide is to a multitude of great years.

Wow, it seems that it was just a bit ago that we welcomed 2013 and here we are, 2014. Time is a precious thing and we cannot save it up. We must make the best of each day and of each year and do all the good we can for ourselves and for others.

We have made another full circle around our sun. The days, weeks, months and the seasons have come and gone and now a new year that is full of many more is here to be lived by each of us!

A year from now how will you each remember this day? What changes, decisions and commitments will each of you make, what action will you take and what course will you each follow that will make this year ahead better than all the rest?

Think for a moment how fortunate you are to be here on this New Year’s Day 2014. Think of how far you’ve come in one year. Think of all your positive possibilities. Look ahead and see yourself becoming the person you truly want to become, accomplishing the things you really want to accomplish. Each of us can surely do it, and today is a great place to start.

May God continue to bless each of you and all of those to whom you are each connected to each day of this New Year!

Thine own wish, I wish each for thee!