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Here we are, the first day of the first month of a New Year, 2014. Again, Happy New Year!!!


This is my first post for 2014. One of my resolutions is only to share positive things  with each of you, to rid our lives of as much negativity as I can. With this I wish each of you the best year any of you have ever had.

However, how can we have the best year? We can do so by living each of this year’s days as the best people that we have ever been, by choice! This year will be what each make of it and each of us can make it great.

Of course, this is life and many challenges will come our way, we will have unexpected interruptions that will knock us off track but we can make the choice to endure, to innovate, to thrive and prosper no matter what life throws at us. That is the gift of God’s free will to us! He has given us the tools so let us use them.

As we all know life can be hard at times and it may not be fair but we can each choose to live each of our days with grace, integrity, love, purpose, compassion and above all, FAITH!

Each of the decisions that we make in each seemingly insignificant moment will determine how this year will unfold for each of us. We may have to make modifications along the way but that is fine. Let each of us decide at the very moment to make the most of the opportunities that wait.

Many things will influence our lives this year, good and bad. However, it is the overall quality of our lives that will be determined by the way we each choose to be.

Choose to be the best that you can be in each moment of your days and in every situation and create your best year! Above all, have FAITH!!!

God bless each of you and all of those to whom you are connected to or will ever be!

Thine own wish, I wish each to thee!