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Lord, I have waited patiently for You and You heard my cry. You have lifted me out of a slimy pit of muck and mire and You have set my feet firmly on bedrock. You have put Imacon Color Scannera new song within my heart and gave me a hymn of praise that I can sing to You. Let those around me see and learn to put their trust in You as well.

Trust is a very awesome and powerful thing, is it not? We trust in our God, our parents, our spouses our friends and sometimes-perfect strangers. However, what exactly is trust?

Trust is more that confidence within ourselves or in others. It is our own sense of the Divine. You cannot have trust without taking a risk for in the absence of certainty we must assume that goodness, honor, truth and our ability will conquer all.

As individuals, people sometimes trust us to be or to do more that we could ever do. As a child, we trust our parents this way as our children and grandchildren do us now. If you think about it, this expectation of perfection can make trust a very fragile and brittle thing. However, if we honor trust as a gift and if we honor the vulnerability of its giver, trust can grow through anything and any disappointment.

When we ground our trust in our God and in our reality, when trust recognizes the imperfections and yet sees the through-line of all that is good that lies beneath all humankind and beyond humankind and into the Heaven’s, TRUST becomes resilient!

Thine own wish, I wish each to thee!