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I read something today that was shared here on Facebook attacking Joel Osteen and Joyce Meyer.

As you each know I am a big supporter of free speech and that, I support the beliefs divisionof others but when one begins to attack others because of their way of, in this case, sharing the Word of God, I need to say something.

Christianity has changed, morphed, for over 2000 years. I am sure that what Jesus was teaching during his time on earth did not involve him thinking about the killing of hundreds of thousands in the name of God but it happened. That though is another discussion in itself.

In John 8:17 it says, “When they persisted in questioning Him, He stood up and said to them, “The one without sin among you should be the first to throw a stone at her.” I ask those that shared this post and those that believe in what is said, how do YOU share the word of God? Do you quote scripture, condemning and scaring the crap out of those to whom you are speaking?

Alternatively, do you share the word of God, as I believe it should be shared? Not by memorizing the entire Book, word for word, but by using the Book and the words as a tool to show how we can better become closer to God, to become better people and to share our souls love for and with one another.

Christianity has been used as a tool throughout the centuries as a tool to control, to scare and to gain political footholds. This is not the case anymore and the sharing of the Word of God has changed to show that there is always hope and that it is our freewill that can change the course of our lives and the lives of others.

The article that was shared attacked Joel Osteen on his popularity. Well of course, he is popular because he welcomes all and attacks none. He shows that we can become better people and that we can all do so as individuals and not just with God. It is up to our thoughts, our actions towards others. When we help or lift another, we lift ourselves as well.  It is our freewill that God gave to each of us.

Before we go attacking those that do good and attacking, know that maybe the world would be a bit more pleasant with more HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY messages!

For those that teach what is called “prosperity gospel” I say more power to you. I think that the majority of people are more apt to listen to the Words of God coming from a person that is compassionate rather than one that is “damming us to hell”.

Think of it this way. Let’s say you have two glasses of water. One boiling hot and one just right, which one would you drink of if you had a choice. I hope that you pick the one that is just right.

If one goes to a church and is belittled for being human and told that, we are all going to hell and that we will never be sick if we are, “washed in the blood of the lamb”, I can promise you that I am standing up and walking out and making sure that all know why.

We are all humans, we each have a soul, and we each are born with the capacity to love and to care for one another. I think that when we couple this with the Bible and with God, that life can only get better and I do believe that this is what God intended.

Here is the post that was shared that I am referencing from http://churchismessy.com: