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I honestly believe that throughout the whole of my life I have been protected, guided and gifted by God. He has protected me a few times to the point that if not I would not be here today and even sent me back when I made the trip to be with Him.

wayofwisdomthe_t_nvHe has guided me in my decisions, good or bad, for I have learned from each one and He has gifted me with the ability to write what is in my heart and mind so that I can touch others. All of this together I believe has made me a wiser human being. However, what exactly is wisdom?

For me, wisdom is the interaction of virtue and purpose within our lives. I believe that it is the ability to tell the difference from what is true, right, important or lasting and to act in keeping with the knowledge that is gained.

In many traditions and cultures, wisdom is seen as a mix of knowledge and of compassion and knowledge, which are all shaped into perceptible actions through the practice of other life virtues. Combined, compassion and knowledge give each of us the ability to see things as they really are, to care for others and life in general, deeply and to act in ways that serve the well-being of all that we hold close.

We all grow toward wisdom only with our patience and practice throughout life. We choose to do so or not to do so. If we seek wisdom daily, insights emerge that guide our day-to-day actions, literally. Over the course of our lives, these small particulars accumulate as our own individual and unique contribution to the world.

It is then, when our eulogy is read, that neither the birth nor the death dates on our marker holds meaning. It is the dash in between that matters, for the dash is our life to those to whom we are connected and touch during this little bit of time on earth this time around.

Thine own wish, I wish each to thee!