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I watched a video earlier today of a paraplegic woman. She was singing a song for a movie and it moved me beyond all words. I could not stop listening to it and as I was, as I usually do, I started thinking about my next article and it hit me.

No matter who you are or what you believe, I believe that the voice of God is within each of us. His voice has been and will always be within each of us no matter our religion or our belief. His voice is within you if you are an atheist, Christian, Buddhist, Muslim or Hindu! It matters not. He guides each of us I believe.

As I was listening to this woman sing, it was so evident. We go through our days and we think that our thoughts are our own. Yes, they are but the Divine guides them. We make thousands of choices each day and it is our free will that lifts us or damns us.

God gives us the signs and the signals each day with our thoughts, our words and our emotions and in a way, He gives us a set of Universal Ethics. What are our Universal Ethics?

These are a set of principles that I believe that are encoded within each of us and these ethics apply to each of us in spite of our religions, beliefs and independent from any faith.

These ethics are not based on a past or on a new religion; they do not contain or say anything about liturgical or metaphysical concepts of humans of any kind. What I mean is that these concepts do not explain the existence of the Universe or of Man. These ethics do not prescribe to any particular faith or ritual. It does not deal with the concept of God or of gods and they do not contain stories, myths or immutable dogmas. Most important I think is that these ethics do not conform to any formal changes to any existing, belief or future creed.

These ethics are part of each of us and they help in our decisions that we make in conjunction with our free will. The ethics are kind of like a moral constitution guiding all of humanities ethical principles that are at the core of all human beings, acceptable. Because of this, ALL religions and secular groups can develop or maintain their own additional ethical principles.

All of this is done within our hearts, our souls and our minds with the voice of God whom speaks to each of us each second of every day! The rest of it, our actions, are up to us!

Below is the video that I was watching that inspired this post.