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I saw a story earlier about a little 11 year old boy, Michael Morones, that thought his life was so bad that it was worth hanging himself. He did so because he is a fan of MY LITTLE PONY’S and he was bullied to the point of despair.

for_michael_morones_by_astringe-d74290yWe see so much of this today in our society. It is accepted and even encouraged and we allow this in the name of political correctness. What has happened to our tolerance?

You see, my home library is but a world of ideas and of dreams where our future is mixed with the peaceful coexistence of all beliefs and non-beliefs fantasy and history, love and of war and of passion as well as compassion.

However, for this to exist we must all learn to be tolerant of each other, our likes, dislikes, and our beliefs? What is tolerance and what does it mean?

It means for us to accept and value the differences between all people. It means to appreciate that these differences enrich us as a human race. Tolerance means that we each has a limited perspective on our world, our society and together with our differences is greater than those of any single individual, culture, tribe or religion alone!

Tolerance means that we concede the vastness of God and of reality and of the Universe and that we cherish the many human faces of this reality. When we watch and we listen to one another, we are tolerant.

We then seek to discover how many of the pieces of who and what we are, fit together. We can then take joy in the differences of others, of strangers and of our companions all the time knowing that our own lives would be far less rich if everyone were more like we are.

William Thackeray once said, “The world is a looking glass and gives back to every man the reflection of his own face.”

Do you like the reflection that you see? If not, what will you do to change what you do see? ~ Don Carnagey Lanier, Author