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There are many in our lives that tell us what we want to hear only for their own benefit, not ours. Each of us know a person that seems to always agree with us on Captureeverything that we say and by doing so they do not provide us with anything of real value in the end.

However, it is those individuals that, whether they mean to or not, challenge us by being honest with us and they help us to grow, to learn and to become better human beings. Those are the individuals that truly respect us!

Usually, without even realizing it, we become over dependent and powerless because of those who give us everything we want and tell us what we want to hear. It is those that force us to think, to do, to challenge ourselves that do us the most good in our lives.

The individuals that continue to let us get away with lying, cheating or laziness usually end up directing each of us to some form of despair yet those that continually hold us accountable and remain our friends and our partners, build us up, lift us up and make us better people because of them.

If you think back on your lives, it is those that truly care about you that are not always the easiest or most comforting people to be in the company of. It is not them though that makes you uncomfortable it is the fact that they force you to see yourself for who you are and are not. They are the ones that consistently hold you to your own highest standards and yet, you never knew it.

When it is all said and done, they are indeed the best and honorable people to be around. It is because they care for you unconditionally and accept you for who you really are and know the possibilities that lay within each of you.

Thine own wish, I wish each for thee!