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Respect, it can be a complicated thing but it is indeed one of the most vital things in our society.

A few years ago when I was in a training class while working at BP we had received a respect (1)surprise test. With my experience in the industry, I breezed through the questions, that is until I got to the very last question, “what is the name of the lady who delivers our lunch each day?”

I sat there for a second thinking that it was a joke of some kind. I had seen her each day and I said thank you when I was close but I really never gave her much thought other than that. No matter what I could not recall her name.

I raised my hand and asked if the last question would count towards the grade because it was not relevant to the current subject. The instructor said, “Yes, and why wouldn’t it? You could not get through your day without her.”

Then it hit me. In our lives, personally and in business, we meet many people and each of them is so significant. Each of them deserves our attention and our care and consideration, even if it to just smile and say hello and to introduce yourself. That is respect for our fellow man.

To go even further with my thinking, respect is honoring the worth or dignity in a person or event. When we respect others, we take their preferences and ideas seriously. We thoughtfully weigh our own insights and experiences against theirs.

Respect is deserved particularly by those who are our elders, because knowledge, insight and wisdom often are hard won through a lifetime of discipline and learning.

Cultivating respect as a virtue does not mean insisting that all ideas, beliefs, or actions are respect-worthy. It does mean that we recognize the basic human dignity of others, even when their ideas or values are different than our own. A general attitude of respect also assumes that each person has something to teach us if we are willing to learn, young or old.

As always, may God continue to bless each of you and all of those to whom you are or will ever be connected!

Thine own wish, I wish each to thee!