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This weekend our son, Jacob, is finally beginning to find himself and what he wants to do for himself as to career and life. He has made a few mistakes to get here but his jacobmother and I think and feel from our conversations that this is to be his path, for now. If he follows through, he will accomplish so much and prove to himself he can do anything and do so without the help of another.

He worked for an industrial company and in all honesty it was not for him, however that is another story. He was let go without notice and reason. Although his mother and I know why but that is behind him and he has learned from it. In the end though, it is a right to work state.

Many have told him, “you can’t do it” “don’t make me look bad” and one even said “why don’t you pick a bill to pay since you live there rent free!!!” Well as a spiritual being this saddens me that anyone would say things as this to another human being. So many giving ultimatums and orders. Not right and as a father that ANGERS ME! However, that is done and in the past. We move on. Jake is our son and ours alone.

Our son, with all of his mistakes is one of the best kids you would ever meet. He is always helping those that are in need at the drop of a hat. He would and has given the shirt off his back to help another. Now if that would happen at home that would be awesome, (LOL). By the way, if you criticize what I speak here of mistakes, especially his, before you speak, think of how many mistakes you made at 20? How many times did you repeat the same ones! I still make mistakes, we ALL DO, and if you tell me you don’t…then we should sit down for a bit and have a discussion over a beer. The key to all mistakes is what you take away from them and learn. It is our mistakes that help make us better people.

He has decided to take Mechanics and Diesel Repair. He will work and save all he can and pay for his schooling and books. We will help only when needed but he is ready to take this bull by the horns and wrestle it to the ground and come out on top. His mother and I know without any doubt that he can. The rest is up to him knowing that he can without doubt.

No matter our differences and distance’s at times, I am and will always be there for him, to encourage him and to show him that within his own heart and soul and despite the words of any other man, for they mean nothing, he can and he will succeed. He will do so by first realizing that no, he does not know everything. He will focus on life and what he desires, a wife, child and a “BIG ASS TRUCK!”

Jacob, with the frustrations of being a parent changes my love for you in no way. I love you with all that I am and I respect you but know that when you accomplish this, you will have the highest level of respect from me that few get from me. I will honor you and I will make sure the world knows you did it because of you and you alone and that you did so because you had faith in yourself.

You are much loved my son, more than you could imagine.

P.S. If it takes 100 years for any of our family members to find themselves or if they get lost from time to time, then so be it. Each of them knows that Gwen and I will be the constant in their lives and are always welcome home as long as they have never done harm to another