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Tests, life are full of them is it not? I have concluded that life is all about testing. Each of us is tested each day. When it comes to our spirituality, our faith and our religion, oftentimes our tests change our lives. Many of us make new friends and many of us let go of old friends. Many times things get easier but more often things seem to get harder. BuJust as staying focused on working out, which I lack at, we must also work for our spirituality and our own enlightenment; we must take the tests of life as they come.

Through all of our tests, we have become who we are at this moment and we will each be different in our next moment for we are ever-changing and growing. If I were not as I am at this moment, I would not be who I am. The same goes for each of you. It is our tests that make us who we are and these tests make us unique. We each carry a light and we each share our light.

None of us has the certainty of our next moment but we each have this moment in this life. Let us learn, let us share and let us each care and love one another. If we find ourselves in the depths of any despair we must understand that maybe, just maybe, God and the Universe has opened another door for us and we are being guided towards it.

We each are destined to be the person we are meant to be so let us each become that person.