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Many live their lives in the shadows, hiding who and what they are to the world. However, there are those that live life as an example to others and are proud of who they are and can be, NO MATTER WHAT!

Each of us should let life know who we are. gailLet the world know and by doing, so we can touch and teach others and break down walls where none should ever exist. In this process, we should also accept and let ourselves be honest and authentic with ourselves.

My friends Gail and Darla are celebrating 9 years together on this day. The love they have for each other shines, to me, as a light of true love. Yes, many call them “Gay” or some other word that man feels the need to label them with but who cares! They love one another and the soul knows no gender.

I am proud that they share their love for one another with the world in spite of the negative comments and looks they receive from time to time. They are true to themselves and to the love they have for life and for one another.

Love is something that is unique and elegant for the ones who share it and we must each express this love in a real, live and passionate way because this love ripples out to others and it touches them whither they realize it or not.

You cannot find that love or follow it by pretending to be who you’re not. Be the real you, all the time, and joyfully feel the flow of your own great abundance. Just as Gail and Darla have!

Therefore, I ask that you each join me in wishing them a very happy anniversary and wish them many, many more years to come. If you feel so inclined, share this with others!

Love you guys! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Know that you always have friends in my wife and I.