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So, you’re having a bad day. You have things going on at home or at work and it’s getting to you a bit. You have a choice at this moment. You can either dwell on it or let it bring you down and those around you or you can accept what is. You can realize that things in life are only temporary and all things pass with time.

What we must do is to learn from them and look at why an event is occurring. Your-Have-To-Fight-Some-Of-The-Bad-Days-To-Earn-Funny-Kids-Health-Care-Insurance-Quotes-And-Sayings-500x490There is always a reason and always something to notice and learn from in these events. No, things do not always go “our” way but they do go away.

So, instead of passing your frustration into the world around you and those that you work with or live with, why not put out compassion, hope, acceptance and understanding. I promise that your day and the days of those around you will be much better!

Our moods do affect those around us so make the moods count!

Have an awesome Tuesday and as always God bless each of you and all of those to whom you are connected.