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This post may be a bit long tonight but I hope that you read it in its entirety as I think that it applies to each of us…

Devotion, there are many forms of it, is there not. Tonight though I was asked to write of this thing called devotion and I think that the requester was asking from a relationships perspective. devotionWhy did I choose this? I think it is because I have seen so many give up so easily on the ones that they love. I see it every day as I scroll through Facebook timeline.

So what is this thing called devotion? Well, plain and simple it is loyalty to another, to a promise, to a vow and to a mission shared in life, together. What it means is that each of you is unswervingly trustworthy and loyal to one another. It means staying the course as one with one another when the challenges are great even when you may find yourself weakened. That is when the strength of the other lifts you up.

You see, when you are devoted to another, they become the object of your devotion and they become part of you. They become your potential and your future and most of all they become part of your soul. In our relationships, our own sense of well-being depends intimately on whether your loved one is flourishing. Yes, this can make devotion a risky endeavor but it also makes it profoundly rewarding to you and to all of those to whom you are connected.

Once a College Professor asked his class to play a game and asked for a volunteer. A lady stood up, I think her name was Abigail.

The Professor asked her to list the 20 most important names of people in her life on the chalkboard. She proceeded to list her family, friend’s, colleagues and the whole of her neighborhood.

The Professor then asked her to delete the most UNIMPORTANT name on the list. Abigail stared at her list for a bit and decided on the name of one of her neighbor’s. The Professor again asked her to delete another UNIMPORTANT name on her list. She then deleted one of her colleagues. He repeated this exercise with her quite a few more times.

Abigail kept on deleting until there were only 3 names remaining on the board. The names remaining were her parents, her husband and her son. You could have heard a pin drop in the class as everyone was intently watching who would be next. The eyes of the whole of the class were fixed on Abigail. They realized that this was no longer a game.

The Professor looks at Abigail and says, “Please, delete one name?”

Abigail froze for minute and while shaking, she deleted the name of her son. She began to cry and did so loudly that it was heard in the back of the class. He asked her again to delete another and this time it was her parents. The list was now comprised of only her husband.

The Professor paused for a few minutes as she regained her composure before he asked, “The closest ones should be your parents and your son. Your parents are the ones who raised you and nurtured you. You son is the life that you alone gave birth to. As for your husband, you can find another man to fill that spot. So why is it that HE is the most important one to you?”

It was completely silent in the room as everyone awaited her response. Abigail, calmly and confidently said, “As time passes, my parents will pass away before me and their obligation to me has been fulfilled. My son will one day leave home and me when he grows up. So you see, the only one that truly shares my life, the whole of it, is MY HUSBAND”.

The class applauded as did the Professor with a tear in his eye.

Remember that the people we meet throughout our lives will come and go. Some will stay for a bit, some will stay forever. However, it is the one whom you choose to devote yourself to that you will share the whole of your life with.