Our children begin life lost within their own desires and sensations. It is our duty as parents to be their self-control when they have none but sometimes, no matter what we do, how much love we impart, how much guidance we give or knowledge we instill upon them our outside world blows it asunder.

Our world is a very different world than in which we grew up in. The communication skills we had, do not exist. The survival skills we had do not exist. The feeling between what is right and what is wrong is clouded. When it comes to any coping skills, well we are mostay at a loss there as well.

Our schools are dumbing down our children while we try to educate them at home. Our schools and our government are telling our children that that have rights and that that they are entitled to those rights from birth, While at home we try to teach our children what it means to work for a living and for what you have and for what you want. All the time doing so with pride and with honor.

Our children are taught it is okay to talk back to their elders at home and to perfect strangers because it is only what they say that matters for they are so important. At home we try to teach our children to open doors for those older, to stop and change a tire and to always do something for another and NEVER except or accept anything back in return, PERIOD!

Our government is telling our young adults that its okay to work for nothing and to get on assistance. You have earned it! You’re entitled to it. Don’t have the money for any of the Medical, Dental, Living or even transportation for ourselves. That’s okay “You ain’t got time for that!” We will take the money from those others that work and pay for it into taxes and we will fund you with their money.

Eventually you will be do needed by us that one day we call your ticket in. We will keep feeding you, caring for you and paying for you but you will work now for us and out of appreciation, you will do what we say without question.

How many of you, some the greatest parents, I have ever seen, doing? Do you have a skeleton or two within your closet? We do and it is past time that we stop doing what we are doing!

I dislike what the majority of our children have become. No, WE have not failed them for they have failed themselves. Society in general has failed them. It is now time for us as parents to change it up abet. To allow them to be held accountable for their own actions in the hopes of waking up. To taste the reality of their choices without the comforting smokescreen of our words as parents.

All that has been done collectively as a society parent has been done. It is time to ensure that life directs our children as it does you and me with the decisions we each make or do not make. They must experience the true result of these choices as they come to them as a reality as well as a remembrance of something we had warned against in the past. However, we MUST NEVER SAY TO THEM THAT I TOLD YOU SO! They will know.

To allow life to happen to them based on their own decisions and actions in no way putting them in the back of a police care, putting them on trial. What it is, is to call the police the next time they are drunk or hi because they are a danger and needs to be evaluated for 48 hours. This in itself gets them away from the situation at hand and second gets them initial sober as well as an evaluation. Then they will be given the opportunity for help at no cost to them. The rest is then up to the child.

If we as a society fail to start taking our children back one family at a time, it is then that we fail them.

Our definition of love in society at this point, when it comes to our kids needs a rewrite and we need to redefine our love for our kids. What we must do will not feel good at time. We usually call this “Tough Love.” It is called this because it is not mean but because this type of love is primal to a point and it is painful for the parent for all those involved. This type of love stirs the emotions of a human being to the core so that they can rebuild and find themselves once again. Remember that this love is not for you but for them, for their well-being and their future.

We would rather say I love you and I am proud of you face to face after their recovery, with all of his hopes and his dreams realized with their families rather than from the opposite side of a prison visiting glass or from atop a grave.

Whatever it takes (this scenario or another) us to get our families, our children back on track we must do for them because no one else is. As we do this, it will slowly affect our communities, our states and our governments. It takes generations just as it took generations to get to where we are now did it not?

Keep our children, your children, our family and your families and everyone connected to all in your prayers.