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I was given a few topics tonight to write but one seemed to have a bit more activity that the others, QUIET. Quiet has many meanings at many different moments for each of us. For me it means to live our lives in and with harmony.

How quietness equates to harmony, you wonder. Well let me explain. You see, when we find quiet in our lives in any form if even for a moment we find harmony. Harmony is the turning of our lives to those people and things around us in our natural world that tend to sustain our well-being. Each of us, subconsciously, tend to listen and watch so that we can move in time with that “Great Dance” of life in which we all have a small but intricate part.

However, for us to live in harmony we must each be conscious of the needs and the hopes that surround each of us and must be flexible in our own paths of action. In our relationships, a harmonious one, each party at times sets aside their own desires to strengthen the relationship itself. Each of us can be in harmony with others but only when we are in harmony with ourselves and living true to what is real in life and what matters.

Harmony and quietness are really one and the same in that every moment of our lives is a miracle so each of us must be still, must look closely, so that we can see it.

The simple quiet harmonious moments are so commonplace that we do not readily remember them yet they are just as special and magnificent as the unforgettable ones. Those simple moments shape us the most into who we are.

When we tap into the quiet harmonious moments of our lives, we tap into something truly magnificent and divine. It is when we slow down, stop and live for a bit rather than making a living that we truly realize how beautiful our lives really are.

Take the time to notice these quiet moments and live your lives in harmony with them.