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Wow! What is going on today? I was scrolling through my news feed and there is so much negativity and very little tolerance today it seems and because of that, I think I will try to write on this tonight.

People, with all that is going on in our world, in our country and even in our lives we must relearn to accept and tumblr_mdjfleEnlf1r1aj2zvalue the differences between people and appreciating the differences that enrich each of us. To be tolerant means to recognize that each one of us has a limited view of the world and that together our arras of insights and virtues is so much greater than those of any one person, one tribe or one culture.

We must learn to watch and to listen and seek to discover how many pieces fit together to make our humanity whole. We do this by acknowledging the vastness of our reality and realize that there are many faces to this reality.

Let us learn to delight in the differences of others and of strangers as well as those close to us all the time knowing that our own lives would be far less rich if everyone was more like us.

However, with this said one of the biggest causes to our lack of tolerance is our own Government. When a government no longer tolerates its people whom they are to represent and no longer represent they cease to be a government and become tyrannical.

Think on this if you will…