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Perfect decisions are decisions that never are made for there is no such thing that is except in the mind of the owner of that decision.

In life, instead of striving to make the perfect choices as we travel our paths, we should all make choices that are based on the facts before us and above all, our instincts and then we must get on with it.

In our lives, every single choice that we make involves some type of compromise and every one of these choices will have positive as well as negative aspects. CaptureHowever, the best way that we can move ahead is to not hold out for the perfect in things but for the things that are right for all.

The key to our decisions and our choices is our ability to compromise. To choose what is best for ourselves as well as what is best for another all the while knowing that the final outcome will not be perfect for either but it is a starting point. Most of all it shows that we care. It is a starting point for future successes.

So, my friends, whatever choices you have that lay before you, YOU have the ability to work with it and with success. Whatever problems may, arise, YOU have the ability to transmute them into something great.

So make your compromises, make your choices, and make them work and remember that they will not be perfect but if done with a heart that is unselfish and out of a love that is unconditional, whatever choice it is will be the right choice and the right compromise.