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Honesty and integrity are two of the quickest fading of our virtues in our world today. Is this part of our human pict_integrityevolution? I pray not! If it is then we are most definitely doomed unless we do something to change and change now!

I just read a study conducted by Sara Konrath, from the University of Michigan that found that 40% of children are less empathetic and more inclined to lie, to cheat and to steal. The study included a survey of college students and stated that they were entitled. This is compared to children from a similar study conducted back in 1980.

There have been many studies on this topic the last few years but one thing that I noticed, as a constant is that there is no agreed definition of what honesty, integrity or even empathy is. All of these highly educated intellectuals and not one can agree on something really so simple… (Read More)