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Grace, what is it?

Grace, for me, is a fragile balance of actions, words and thoughts that convey our dignity and signifies our self-worth to the world around each of us. Quote7_BelieveYou see, when we are gracious, each of us chooses our thoughts and our words thoughtfully and we travel our paths in our world with dignity and with restraint.

Often a quality of leaders, grace shows in the ability to arise above conflict or struggles while remaining at peace and showing kindness in spite of the turmoil that spins around them. It defends us against spontaneity and excess in this world.

When we show grace to the world around us we inspire comfort and harmony who are touched by it.

Today and each day, give all you have to experience the moments. You see, all that you are is here, at this second and it you stop and think about it is so very rich beyond all measure.

Each day let each of us fall into the arms of all that life and the people around us have to offer and let us feel the healing goodness that we can each experience that comes from being unburdened from judgment, anger worry and stress.

Know that no matter what you experience in this life that all will be fine and will be so just because YOU exist. For each of us, love and joy is in our nature and each can help us fulfill our destinies.

A friend, within each of us is a deep, rich and great reservoir of worth and of grace. Each of us have so much to offer this world, yet many of us don’t give anything to it. Do so now and each day and do so because when you do you add life to this world.

Share your grace with the world and all of those around you!

God bless each of you and all of those to whom you are or will ever be connected too.