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As humans, we each need to give one another the space to grow and to learn, to be ourselves and to exercise our diversities. By giving this space to one another, we give and receive our ideas, dignity, healing, joy and inclusion. Most of all we must practice openness with one another to take in what fills the space that is given.

OpenessHowever, what is openness? How does it apply to you? Well, my friends, openness means that we leave our hearts and minds open and available for the experiences of life, especially the new ones like ideas and relationships. To be open we work outside the boundaries of what is familiar to us, especially the walls that we erect as a human race by traditions and tribes.

These walls exist only because we say they do. In reality, they do not exist. Each of us are born the same but from birth the outside world begins to build these walls and as time goes we add our bricks to them and until we realize it is US building them, they will continue to grow ever higher.

Friends, curiosity and openness are human conditions of discovery and it may feel risky because you have to step onto ground that is not familiar. Although, openness can also be full of unexpected pleasures and when we are open, we notice that our lives are continuously giving us new opportunities for discovery and growth.

You see, the greatest threat to our learning is our own ignorance. The greatest threat to our learning is not what we do not know but what we already do. The more that we know the less we feel that we need to learn or search for more.

The true value of what you know depends mainly on our openness to learning much more. You see, our wisdom is a dynamic thing and it dies away if we never challenge it or supplant it. Human assumptions are a valuable thing but only when they are continually tested.

Today, let us each know that if we think we know it all, we don’t and the more that we do know the more there is for each of us to learn.