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Odd. I started writing tonight on another writing project that I thought about on the way to my home and it took a mind of its own…

Dear Children;

Many of you know of Me, many of you deny Me and many of you are not sure of Me. Many of you call Me God or by some other name. It matters not for I created you and all things around you.
As you go about your days I look down upon each of you and recently I have come to realize that the majority of you never look up to Me nor do you see me in all things around you. Because of this, I wanted to take a minute to write to you and tell you that I am still here. I always have been and always will be.

However, I am saddened by what I see. What has happened to you? What are you thinking? So many of you go about your days and strive each day to gain more wealth and things in your lives. As you do this the majority of you drive right past a homeless man or woman or maybe even a family. You look as you drive by and mutter condescending words.

I watch you watch TV each day and many of you watch these reality shows and you put these undeserving people on pedestals. I watch them drink, do drugs, fight, wear their pants down to their knees and you applaud that and emulate them.

I watch you as you point fingers at one another because of race, tribe, creed or religion. Have you forgotten that each of you are the same and that these religions are made by man and not I. I have watched you kill in My name and this makes me so ashamed of you.

I watch you murder your children, I watch you teaching your children to twirk. I watch you throwing innocent people in jails and prisons only because they could not afford a good lawyer. I watch you marry one another then divorce just because it gets a little hard.

I watch you as you let your Governments grow more corrupt while doing nothing about it. They take away from you. You talk about change and yet nothing changes. You each think things will be okay when I see that it will not. It is no longer a rumor of war; there IS war.

I wash you, without regard to other life on earth, stripping away everything that is natural. Instead of working with Mother Nature you are ripping your futures to shreds with each tree you shut down, with each new landfill.

Do you wonder how I feel? I am ashamed. I am hurt. I am angry and I, the Immortal One am waking up now. There is a decision that must be made and only YOU, each of YOU can define the outcome. Will you be destroyed by the hands of fellow man or of Mine.

Is it too late for you to change? Only you know that. Only you can learn respect for self and for another. Only you can promote peace between your races, creeds and tribes. When you each are born, I give your soul to a body, a mind that is free of hate, free of lust and free of all things wrong.

You see. ALL of you are responsible for where you are. Not another person, not another race or religion, it is the whole of you that is responsible for where you are at.

The Awakening has begun for the Immortal ones. What path they take is up to you.

I do love each of you but I cannot look upon what is wrong any longer. I cannot let this go any further. Your time is now, would you not agree?

Each of you alone and together can change the whole of the world and of humanity. I have seen it before. Will I ever see it again or must flood, fire, ice and quake remove what I cannot gaze upon any further.

May My Mercy and Love be upon each of you ..for the days that remain. You decide how long that can be.