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In today’s world there seems to be a lack of accountability as well as responsibility. We see it daily in our government, our communities and even in our homes. Maybe we have forgotten what responsibility is or maybe we do not care. Today we will look at this thing called responsibility.

CaptureWhat is responsibility and how does it apply to you?

My friends, plain and simple, responsibility means ownership. It means owning what needs to be done and to accepting the blame when we ourselves cause problems. It means committing ourselves to create, to lead and to solve problems. It means following through. Responsibility involves working very hard and taking risks.

You see, rights and responsibilities are two sides of the same coin for when we have power or resources; we have a responsibility to use them well and with no ill will.

It is so very important for us to be aware of where our responsibilities end and the responsibilities of another begin. The only way to allow others to grow is to let others be accountable for their own responsibilities.

Friends, the people who get what they want to get in this life do so because they are willing to take responsibility. Who would you like to deal with? An individual who continually makes excuses and blames the world for everything that goes wrong or someone that has taken responsibility and owns up to their shortcomings and gets the problem solved knowing it does not matter whose fault it may be.

You see, when you take responsibility YOU stand out from everyone else. YOU become the effective, honest, moral and results oriented person. You become the leader and the achiever in life. You are noticed and when you are noticed, good things happen.

Each day take responsibility for who you are, your work, your career, your home and family, for your health and blame no one when things do go right. You see, when you blame someone for something you give that person or event control over your own life but the moment you take responsibility you’re the master of your own destiny.

Today, tomorrow and each day, take charge, take control and take responsibility.