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I wrote this sometime last year and as each day and as each event unfolds before us with our President and our Government and its Tax Collectors, these words seem to gain more meaning each time that I reread them. Please, comment below and let us see some dialogue between each of us:

It is coming! Will you be ready?

It is coming! Will you be ready?

More than 6 years have passed since the unhappy day when the American people, blinded by promises of “change” at home and abroad, lost touch with honor and freedom, thereby losing all.

Since that day of treachery and fixed elections, the Almighty has withheld his blessing from this once great Nation. Dissension and hatred has descended upon us.

With profound distress, millions of the best American men and women from all walks of life have seen the unity of this nation vanishing away, dissolving in a confusion of political and personal opinions, economic interests, and ideological differences. We have turned our heads and ignored it but now more!

Since that day, as never before in our history, the United States has presented a picture of heartbreaking disunity. We never received the equality and fraternity we had been promised, and we lost our liberty to boot. We turned out heads. For when our nation lost its political place in the world, it soon lost its unity of spirit and will. Our leaders have made a mockery of us, you and I, as a people by apologizing for who we are and who we can be!

The rest of the world, too, has suffered no less since then from overwhelming crises, one after another. The balance of power, which had evolved in the course of history to our favor, has been set on its side.

The misery of our people is horrible to behold and our media chooses not to share the true everyday stories of US! There are actual millions of unemployed and starving; nearly all of the middle class have been impoverished. When this collapse finally reaches the lower class, we will be faced with an immeasurable disaster. For then not only shall a nation collapse, but a two hundred and thirty-seven-year-old inheritance, some of the loftiest products of human culture and civilization.

All about us the warning signs of this collapse are apparent. Our current administration and political leadership bent on turning us into a Socialist Nation with its method of madness is making a powerful and insidious attack upon our dismayed and shattered nation. It seeks to poison and disrupt in order to hurl us into an epoch of chaos. This negative, destroying spirit spares nothing of all that is highest and most valuable. Beginning with the family, it has undermined the very foundations of morality and faith and scoffs at culture and business, nation and God, justice and honor.

Almost 6 years of unacknowledged Socialist destruction have ruined the foundations of our country; another full term of our current President will destroy her. The richest and greatest cities of the world will be turned into a dusty heap of ruins as can be seen today in Chicago and Detroit. The thousands of those now struggling and treatment and contempt of our own citizens and the trampling of the Veterans of our Nation and of our wounded, the hundreds of dead because of politics and the greed of our policy makers not allowing proven treatments of diseases, all of this should be a warning of the storm which is to come.

In those hours when our hearts were troubled about the life and the future of our Nation, this change appealed to us as a people.

For the first time since the Great War of brother against brother the front lines are again at home.

As sad as it is, our generation, the X-Generation, the generation of do nothings must now do something. An inheritance has fallen to us and it is a harsh one. The task with which we are faced is the hardest, which has fallen to any American within the memory of our young nation.

We the people which our Government was to at one time represent, must wake up, open our eyes and see the reality beyond all of the politics and media hype are all filled with unbounded confidence. We must believe in our Nation its founding principles and their imperishable virtues. Every class and every individual must help us to return our Nation to what it once was.

We must now stand up as a Nation and as a people, join, and form a third party. A Constitutional Peoples Party. This party should regard it as its first and foremost duty to revive in the nation the spirit of unity and co-operation and ensure that our Government is held accountable as is our right and enforce the Law of the Land, OUR CONSTITUTION AND BILL OF RIGHTS. It should preserve and defend those basic principles on which our nation has been built. It will regard God as the foundation of our national morality, and the family as the basis of national life.

Turbulent instincts must be replaced by a national discipline as the guiding principle of our national life. A life granted to each of us by God and in the words of our founding fathers that live in the Constitution of the United States of America.

It is time for us to realize what is going on, to wake up and to quit lying to each other believing that everything is okay. NOTHING IS OKAY ANYMORE.

What say you?