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Many of us are so used to the day-to-day tools that we forget that many of the inventions and creations that make our lives easier and things that advance our knowledge all came from human curiosity. Without curiosity, the human race would not be where it is today. However, it seems that our curiosity is slowly becoming a lost virtue.

MIND-UPLOADING-520What is this thing we call curiosity?

Well, simply it is life’s hunger to explore and delight in discovery. It is the thrill of knowing something that was once unknown. No matter our age, when we are curious about something, we are all children. We poke, we prod, and we ask a million questions. When we are drawn towards new experiences, we are curious. To be curious means that we throw the agendas out the window and we stop expecting a defined set of answers. What we do is follow the questions where they guide us and ultimately we discover something new.

From a social perspective, our curiosity allows us to listen to other people and drives us to know who they are, how they think and how they relate to the world around us. Our curiosity allows us to open ourselves to the combined knowledge and experiences that humanity can share with each of us. Alternatively, we desire to share with others our own discoveries.

With curiosity, we learn from all things for the simple joy of learning.

Friends, our curiosity will take each of us to crazy new places in life that we would have never known. At the core of human curiosity is our love for life and all that it has to offer us.

Sincere and simple curiosity brings to each of us a treasure trove of wisdom and allows each to have a unique experience in life.

However, arrogance can stop us in our track when it comes to discovery. It takes away our curiosity and we center on ourselves rather than the unknown in our lives, our world and our universe. Remember that to be curious we must always admit to ourselves that there are things that we do not know.

Our curiosity will compel us to undertake great effort in discovery while the act of our curiosity requires no effort. From this day, let us allow ourselves to be curious. Let us each know that there is no end to the wonderful things that you can discover, no matter who or where you are.

As long as man inhabits this pale blue dot, there will always be something to be discovered!

Remember that we do not know what we do not know and because we know, we do not know something that is not known, our curiosity can guide each of us to eventually know something that we once did not know. -Don Carnagey~Lanier