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Wisdom is defined as the quality of having experience, knowledge, and good judgment; the quality of being wise.

This definition is vague because wisdom is so much more and is so, on so many levels. What is wisdom, really?

peacehopelightThe thoughtful collaboration of purpose and virtue in human life is wisdom. It is our ability to discern that which is right and true, important or lasting and to act in keeping with this profound knowledge.

All over the world and in many traditions, wisdom is seen as a combination of knowledge and compassion that are molded into solid actions through the practice of other virtues. Together, they give us the ability to see things in this world as they really are and not what we are told they are, to care deeply and to act in ways to serve that which we each cherish.

It is through practice and patience that we each grow towards wisdom. Friends, wisdom is not given, it does not come naturally but takes a lifetime of refinement. Friends, if we seek wisdom we will find that insights emerge that will guide our day-to-day events and actions. As time marches on, these small bits of information accumulate as our own unique contribution to the world.

Each day we should each stop all that we are doing, just for a little bit and listen. We should reacquaint ourselves with the intuitive and peaceful person that resides in each of us.

The man-made concerns and duties of life can wait. Listen to the wisdom that always speaks to us ever so quietly but profoundly out of our souls.

Each of us should strive to remember what we once knew and have forgotten as well as discover that which we never knew. Stop chasing the life of man and his definition of success and knowledge.

Still your thoughts and realize that you can know things without thinking. Let each of us give our dreams and visions the chance to catch up with us.

Each day, listen without judging or interrupting, without interjecting. Just stop, listen and know.

Let intuition and wisdom speak to you.

All any of us has to do is to just listen.