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How many times have you wished that you had the insight to grasp certain things in life? What is insight and how does it apply to each of us?

insightWell, insight is our ability to grasp the fundamentals of a complex situation or subject. I can be focused from within as an awareness of our individual feelings as well as our motivations or even as an understanding externally of what is important, real and true in the world around each of us.

Our insight may indeed be a function of our ability to reason, however it grows out of a process of introspection, meditation or even study. A wise elder, friend or maybe even a stranger can be as a mirror in such that they reflect back bits and pieces of our insight while adding their own so that in the end we can see the whole.

Friends, the answer to life’s problems is not a quick answer or solution. The answer is found in the living of our lives in a profound, meaningful and positive way.

Our joy that we seek in live is no in a temporary pleasure or acquisition for the joy is in the living of all of our moments of our lives as they come to us. Not just ours but the moments of others that are connected to us as well.

The wisdom that we wish to acquire does not happen suddenly and never comes to us as a clear awareness or revelation. It is in the living and in the learning, in the wins and the losses as well as the love and the pain that we find our wisdom.

Our value is not in what we acquire or even in what we can experience for it is only found in our actual living and our experiences within each moment.

Let us now waist our time trying to second-guess our lives or the world for that matter. Let us all live what we have at this moment with love, respect, honor, energy, gratitude, and awareness. Let us give to our lives all that we can.

Our lives are found in the living of life. When we are gone from this earth, it will be the dash that lays between our birth and death, not the beginning nor the end but everything in between.

Today is your opportunity to open your minds, your hearts and experience the rich abundance of all that our lives have to offer others and ourselves.