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Sometimes life and memories can jump right up and slap you in the face. The mistakes made, the things you wish you had done different as well as the things you would not change for anything and the ones that have passed way too early come flooding back, especially them. The smell of cut grass or the clouds in the sky trigger it sometimes. The things you wish you had said or not said. Why I do not know but it does.

I got really sick the last week and maybe this was my trigger but whatever the trigger was it really does not matter. I am sure that each of us goes through these moments of clarity and of longing all at once. Each of us, no matter who we are at this moment are where we are at because of thoughts that became actions many years ago. Each of these actions set other events in our lives into motion and triggered other events in not only our lives but in the lives of those to whom you are connected, some of it good and some of it not so good.

After the emotional swings, I figured that as usual the answers would be found as I write and of course, they have come to me at least for me and maybe for some of you.

As we go through the days of our lives, we each make many decisions out of a multitude of thoughts that we have. We take actions and these actions take us to our next. It never stops and at the very moment, YOU are creating your future.  However, you are also touching the futures of those to whom you are connected and this too is never ending. This future is open ended, for the most part. Yes, there may be a few limitations placed upon it however, this pairs in comparison to the vast possibilities still open to you.

The thing is that we don’t see the connections until years down the road when, like my day today, a smell or a site triggers the memories and then all of a sudden you see how one action, one thought change the whole of your life and the lives of those to whom you are connected. Rather than being sad or feeling, guilty we can learn from it and make better choices in our future to ensure that the same decisions that held negative consequences for you or for others, never happens again. The key is to learn from this enlightenment.

Our future is going to arrive regardless of what we do but how it looks is up to each of us. When I say each of us I mean all of us together.  We seem to always look backwards and remember our past but why not start looking forward and remembering our future?

Let us see what we do know how it affects those around us later. Let us each live to do the best we can and become relentless in this endeavor to shape our futures in a positive way. Yes, this requires forethought and determination in every action we take based on thought but remember that you are now and you will later live out the legacy of your past as you simultaneously create the reality of your futures.

Our pasts do not equal our futures fore they only comprise the YOU of this moment in time. If we think about it, our past, which cannot be changed, does not have an intrinsic connection to our futures unless you make that connection by not looking forward rather than backward.

You see, at this very moment you have a once in a life time opportunity to reinforce all that is good in your life, learn from all that was bad and to make positive connections while breaking the negative to see the future you so desire.

Every achievement, every success, every heartache springs forth from the actions taken in those present moments which connect the past to the future. The important part of this powerful equation is right now. What has happened in the past does not matter nearly so much as what you do with it now. The universe of possibility that is the future does not matter nearly so much as do those specific possibilities you bring to fruition by your choice of action right now.

Friends, our future is ours at this moment for each of us to create. You have a decision to make however. What part of YOU will you carry forward into your future?  Friends, life is one outstanding journey and your possibilities and the possibilities of each person you are connect to rest in your decisions just as theirs in yours.

Choose to draw from the good and learn from the mistakes and make your future, our future the best that it can be in every thought and action that you take. Your futures are as bright as any of you can imagine when you so choose with the actions of the present.

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