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Today, I shared a question on a few social media outlets, asking the question, “If you had the opportunity to speak to all people around the globe at one time, what message would you convey to humanity?”

The responses I got were for the most part an overwhelming and resounding, “Why can we not have peace”?  Not all responses were worded as such but the meaning is global.peace.awaken.eyestill the same. What is interesting is that I shared this with the IDF and Hamas twitter followers and except for very few negative replies, the response was the same from the people, on both sides.

Friends this is a global, human and spiritual desire for most all of humanity has this desire of PEACE!

Therefore, without further delay here is what I have to say to our world, to each of you, to our leaders, both political and spiritual. These words are, for me, the combined message of all of humanity.

For thousands of years humankind has looked to the sky, to the stars, to the darkness in search for something bigger than ourselves. Each society, culture and tribe, each race has since rational thought has entered the brain of man, tried to explain the feeling that we are more than we see than we are.

Humankind in this endeavor has come to the common global conclusion that there is a God, Allah or whichever of the 101 “known” names, which passes, into the common forms of thought for a culture or clan.

Over the millennia, humankind has divided itself from one another in this search to explain what is common to each of us, we are each spiritual beings visiting here but for a short time. You see for me and for all of humankind it is our spiritual evolution towards this “I AM” knowledge that our human heart and mind has corrupted it.

It is the “I AM” that we are here to show that what we can do for one another to evolve into peace and as one. To evolve our thinking and beliefs to a point to where there is no more war no more corruption or need for borders.

You see we are each a part of the “I AM”. Together we make up the whole.

Let me move past my spiritual take on things and let me know address this word, “PEACE”. What is peace and what does it look like our I should say what could it look like.

To start we must all agree that there must be a set of universal ethics that apply to every sentient being.

No matter who you are or what you believe, I believe that the voice of God, the “I AM” is within each of us. His voice has been and will always be within each of us no matter our religion or our belief. His voice is within you if you are an atheist, Christian, Buddhist, Muslim or Hindu! It matters not.

We go through our days and we think that our thoughts are our own. Yes, they are but the Divine guides them. We make thousands of choices each day and it is our free will that lifts us or damns us.

God, the “I AM” gives us the signs and the signals each day with our thoughts, our words and our emotions and in a way, He gives us a set of Universal Ethics.

These are a set of principles that I believe that are encoded within each of us and these ethics apply to each of us in spite of our religions, beliefs and independent from any faith.

These ethics are not based on a past or on a new religion; they do not contain or say anything about liturgical or metaphysical concepts of humans of any kind. What I mean is that these concepts do not explain the existence of the Universe or of Man.

These ethics do not prescribe to any particular faith or ritual. It does not deal with the concept of God or of gods and they do not contain stories, myths or immutable dogmas. Most important I think is that these ethics do not conform to any formal changes to any existing, belief or future creed.

These ethics are part of each of us and they help in our decisions that we make in conjunction with our free will. The ethics are kind of like a moral constitution guiding all of humanities ethical principles that are at the core of all human beings, acceptable. Because of this, ALL religions and secular groups can develop or maintain their own additional ethical principles.

All of this is done within our hearts, our souls and our minds with the voice of God, the “I AM” whom speaks to each of us each second of every day! The rest of it, our actions, are up to us!

As to actions, for peace to ever come to humankind we must each learn what it is to be a peacemaker.

Peacemaking is the act of nurturing a harmony between groups of people and between individuals. It all begins within, internally and with a basic hunger for peace and a basic assumption that others want peace as well. It grows from a humble suspicion that our very own perspective is limited and that there are truths that can be discovered if we each just stop and listen.

Peacemaking requires each of us to be flexible in our thought and individual beliefs as well as a willingness to see a multitude of sides of an issue. We must be able to see the situation of the other person or group of people.

Sounds simple does it not? No, not really as it takes a lot of thought and a lot of work. The greatest barrier to peacemaking is fear. Fear makes us see ourselves as victims or potential victims and blinds us to the harm that we ourselves have done or the threat we pose to others.

Embracing peacemaking does not mean that we always avoid conflict, but we recognize its real costs and weigh those costs as if they would be borne by our loved ones and ourselves. Peacemaking is a journey as well as destination. By become peacemakers we can each then move forward together in our own spiritual evolution’s.

Friends, we must realize that the peace we speak of and universally desire is not something that happens to us fore it is something that is a part of each one of us.

Listen to me know! PEACE is not something that can be taken away from you because it comes from the way YOU as individuals, cultures and nations choose to be.

It is when we live for the shallow things, the material things, the egos of one another, the I am right you are wrong thinking that peace will always elude YOU as an individual, tribe, culture or nation.

Each day we hear how one group or another desires peace but the reality for us is that the pain and the confusion come more from our struggles to prove one concept or another, one belief or another and even one border or another.

For YOU, what is peace? “The opposite of war,”

First, I think of myself as a naturally pacific man, not prone to take offense, mild mannered and cheerful, open to all sorts of people, accepting, trusting, and amiable. I care!

I think of Gandhi’s much-quoted admonition: “There is no way to peace; peace is the way,” which I take to mean that peacefulness, a peaceable heart and unperturbed temperament within each of us is the prerequisite for our living in a peaceable society, a peaceable world.

You see, peace is all of humankind’s responsibility! It lies with each of us individually.

Peace, for example, starts within each one of us. When we have inner peace, we can be at peace with those around us. When our community is in a state of peace, it can share that peace with neighboring communities, and so on.

When we allow ourselves to feel love and kindness towards others, which we are each born with, it not only makes others feel loved and cared for, but it helps us also to develop inner happiness and peace.

Friends I can go on and on so now I will say to you each in closing; Peace, as much as humankind talks of it, desires it and at times even achieves it for a moment will never come to be until we, as individual members of humanity decide that there will be peace.

I leave you now with two quotes on peace from two different books of faith as proof that we all desire global harmony and peace.

They shall sit every man under his vine and under his fig tree, and none shall make them afraid.” (Bible, Micah 4.4)

“He who walks in peace, walk with him.” (Koran, Sura 48)