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Have you noticed that many today do not want to work for what they want? Especially our younger generations! People, we 10455043_822036834475694_5456322151186606394_nmust be prepared to work for anything we ask for or want in the life, even from God.

If we want a miracle to save us, we need to create an opening through which that miracle can enter.

If we say, “I’ve done this and I’ve done that, now where is the miracle?” or “I’m not worried because I will be saved,” then we are sure to be disappointed.

No person, not even the most righteous among us, can rest on their deeds or on their laurels. We have to be willing to create our own miracles by doing something against our usual reactive mode of operating.

Faith, hope and hard work along with our beliefs bring us our miracles. We can not continue to want something for nothing.