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Do you relish dreaming? I won’t ask you what you dream about, don’t worry! But you can indulge in sharing if you wish. What kind of dreams am I talking about? All and any!


Secondly, I’d like to know if you would ever leave the safe territory of your life and venture into into the unknown.

“Follow your dreams” sounds so cliche and gets the blatant reaction along the lines of, “As if!!!” But what happened to “What if?”

I know right now, I can go on and on about pessimism, optimism and realism, delusions, hopes and false hopes. But do you know what happens when we lose ourselves in these thoughts? Confusion. We wander away from what our hearts really want.

We all think that our lives are predictable, but we are right and wrong about it at the same time. Our lives are really not our own, however the decisions that we are given are because we think we know what comes next, we go into the next step of our lives with ease yet blind. Never turns out that way, does it?

So if we already know life is full of surprises, why not embrace them? I may sound somewhat cryptic, but let me give an example- We work hard to study. We work hard for a degree. We work hard to get a job.

Granted not all of us get degrees and personally, for me they are over rated. I have one in Political Journalism, yet I have only worked professionally in that field for maybe 2 years in my whole life.

Everything we work for and achieve can crumble before us and what is left our lives is our idea to hold onto it and think its safe, even when it is not. What we should do is accept these changes, lean from them and move on.

No, most of us do not want mediocre lives, yet, most of us think we lead them, even though every person has a terrific story to tell.

Following your passion is as risky. I know a friend who is leaving a good job to work for is father in his restaurant. Crazy, right? But he is doing it. Why?

Because freedom and devotion. In every sense.

I’m not saying that we should and will all become famous with what we love most. Even if we remain unknown, even if we don’t earn much. Isn’t it better to be doing what you love, regardless of the risks?

When we do what we love and aspire to be we pass this desire on to others.

We may all wish to live in villas, private islands or mansions (not me, no, I just want my tree house or a writers cabin filled with books, the classics and old typewriters) but who knows what such a life could give us?

We may get what we want, and we may not but isn’t it better to spend all your life trying to get what we want(and maybe even getting it) instead of holding onto the remnants of our golden dreams?

Dreams are the basis of our wishes, our ambitions and aspirations and if all goes right, our reality.

So with this I say to each of you dream on my friends! Goodnight!

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