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In our day-to-day lives, we live pretty comfortably for the most part. Things seem to remain in a steady state for us. However, when things change on us, the majority tends to fall apart for a bit but as human nature has it, most of us recover and we adapt. What about when you can’t? What about when we can’t? Well sometimes, we forget and we need a reminder of what adaptability or flexibility is. 

happinessTo be flexible or to be able to adapt means our innate ability to change as our lives and the circumstances within require our changing. We must recognize that life brings us unforeseen challenges and in the end, if we honor our values, we must always learn and adjust as we travel our life paths. 

It requires us to let go at times, sometimes even grieving unmet goals and expectations, relationships or ideas of how things, “should”, have been. 

To be flexible in life means that we open ourselves to life and learn from it, rather than being stuck in our own desires or ways of thinking. It keeps us from becoming frustrated or alienated when things happen to us and our ways of life as well as helps us to understand when others have needs and plans that may interfere with our own. 

Friends, our world changes from day to day, moment to moment. That can be a big problem for you, or it can be a magnificent opportunity. 

One of your greatest skills is your ability to adapt. When you make use of that skill, you can get the changes to work in your favor. 

The future is a moving target. Even the most carefully constructed plans can be rendered ineffective by changing conditions. 

Yet there is no need to give up on your goals when things change. For you can take a good look and your new surroundings and successfully adapt to them. 

It could very well be that a changing situation offers even more opportunity than was there before. Put yourself in a position to realize that opportunity by adapting to the changes. 

When your world changes, you can become immobilized with worry, you can waste your time complaining, or you can adapt. Make use of your ability to adapt, and be your best in an ever-changing world.