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Yesterday, 9/2/2014 at 1935 hrs, little baby Rachel Cheyenne Reagan took her first earthly breath in this life. Tonight the Reagan and Lanier family grew not just in child but in connection. Tonight, in a single moment, Rachel touched and connected us like no other event ever could.

Mommy and DaughterTonight mommy and daddy held her within moments of her arrival. Cody’s mom, Robin and Gwen had the privilege of being there for her arrival and I am so happy that Vanessa and Cody had them there to share this moment.

Tonight Rebecca became a big sister and had the honor of giving Rachel her very first bath. During the process she got to listen to Rachel’s heartbeat, then hers and then her mommies. The awesomeness of life and of motherhood in one room was overwhelming. The joy that Becca had and the compassion and love she showed during the process was overwhelming to watch.

Tonight I sat in awe and watched my baby girl smile and show nothing but love and class even while in pain. I saw her grow up even more than she was before my eyes.

To see her tears of joy through my own and to hold her hand when she had a contraction. To see baby Rachel feeding with mommy was such a beautiful site and the smile and the love that filled that room is something I will never forget.

Friends, this is indeed what life is about, these moments. The moments that are branded in our hearts and minds for the whole of our lives. Now it is time to look forward to all the moments that await us.

Tonight my heart is so full of joy and of love. I am so very proud. Goodnight my friends and may God bless you and may he protect my girls tonight with their daddy as they spend their first night together.

I love you with all that I am and I have each of you in my heart and pocket, Vanessa, Becca, Cody and baby Rachel.