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Today I have not been on Facebook very much and in doing so, I watched. With all of the status updates, photos and videos one thing was common. People are afraid and mad at our current situation in our country. They are pissed at our government and our so-called leaders.

So tonight, I am drifting away from my usual positive post and I want to remind each of you of something tonight. I want to remind you of an event that happened not so many years ago. An event that united us as it should have but over time, we have crawled back into our holes.

We were frightened, yet we were united. We were stunned, yet we were courageous. We were confused, and in that confusion our first, most driving and compelling instinct was to help each other.

We were shocked and saddened by the ruthless attacks.

Yet instead of lashing out, we reconnected with those things we value most. Instead of being frightened into hiding, we strengthened our sense of purpose and our commitment to the things that truly matter.

We were suddenly and violently stripped of our pretenses, and many of our assumptions were ripped away. We found that underneath it all, there was still more to treasure and more to live for than we ever could have imagined. We experienced the worst, and it brought out our best.

As the years passed and the remembrances faded, our patriotism faded as well. Our devotion to God and country has died. Looking back I can see that the acts of those evil men that day did more in bringing our nation together than any other event could have.

I am saddened and ashamed of us as a nation and as a people; fore we have dishonored the dead of that day. We have dishonored the 1000’s of men and women that have died throughout our Nations short history from our Independence to the Civil War to the great World Wars to today.

We have become a pitiful nation and a laughing stock to the rest of the world. President Obama has single handedly destroyed our nation in many ways that many of you do not see. He has thrown away our accomplishments in civil rights by turning our country against each other based on race and religion. He has stripped our military force to pre-WWII levels. Did you know that the combined State Militias now have more soldiers than the combined forces of the United States?

However, it is not all his doing. It is ours as well. We allowed this to continue without speaking up and standing up. We have allowed our government to become one that is governed by lawyers and doctors and not of the people. We have allowed people like Sharpton and Jackson to gain public spotlights to attain roles as “Civil Rights” leaders when in reality they are at the root of all race issues in this country.

We have allowed this thing called, Political Correctness”, to perverse our culture and country that was once based on God. We once had morals and manners. Not any longer. To be a Christian is to be condemned. To be moral is to be a terrorist.

Well my friends, I say no more! Enough is enough!

As I have aged, I have become more of a pacifist but I was and will always be a soldier. I took an oath and one that I will keep. I have done things in defense of our country that most could not fathom so do not mistake my peacefulness as a weakness.

I will not die at the hands of a government, of a terrorist nor of a religion. They will perish when they come for my family, my friends and I. I will not cower nor bow down to them or any other God. I bow only to MY God.

I will take my last breath a free man defending the freedom of all men! What say you?