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At this very moment, many of you are alone or sad. At this moment, many of you are wondering what  your tomorrows hold.

Tomorrow I want you each to breathe in the beauty of life at this moment. There is nothing that can compare to what is right now. Are you sad, are you worried, are you angry, or lonely? Though pain is a part of it all, you could not even understand the concept of pain if you did not have the capacity for joy. Remember your joy and know that it will return

How absolutely marvelous is the experience of being alive this very day! No matter how many days have come before, each new one is filled with its own magnificent possibilities. Today, tomorrow and each day is certainly no exception.

Though the circumstances of our days are far from perfect, they’re a minor concern when compared to the overwhelming experience of being alive and able to explore your countless possibilities.

Meet the challenges, live the joys, and keep in mind that every moment of it is a treasure with no equal and each is a new opportunity.


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