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Friends, our lives are indeed joyous and stunning and because of this, our lives can be so very beautiful as well as being so sad and dark. You see, within grief there is also a critical component of joyfulness.

You see, it is when we are sad or distraught it is because we care with our hearts and our souls. YYEMEN 19075es, sadness is very painful and it can put a pause in our lives. However, the absence of your sadness or despair it would be replaced by extreme hopelessness and emptiness that can be much more than any pain.

The joy that we have known lives within us forever, even in times of pain and of loss. You see, it is the joy itself that makes loss-hurt more, fore joy has no expiration date and can never be used up. It is there, with you always in memory and in thought. It is there from all the good things and events within your lives and no one or one thing can take it from you.

As time passes, our joy becomes stronger than the pain. No, not all pain ever goes away completely but the pain becomes tolerable and your joy continues to grow stronger as each day passes.

My mother and I were very close and she passed away in 1995. I was devastated and found myself in the darkest place I have ever seen or experienced. I cried for months with the loss of her, my mother and my best friend. As time passed, the joyful memories and moments came back. I now smile when I think of my mother even though I still miss her and even though I still cry from time to time. However, I now smile more than I cry.

You see, not only is sadness an expression of missed joy once experienced, it intensifies the joyfulness yet to come. Think of this; have you ever noticed that the sun is always after the rain. Joy is the same after sadness. Our joy and the beautifulness of life will mean even more after our experiences of the pains and of the sadness of our lives. For me, sadness is a positive affirmation of life in that it is beautiful and joyous and has no equal.

Goodnight my friends and may God bless each of you this day. If you read this in the morning then I say to you I wish for you your best day today end each day thereafter.