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As you well know, I write a lot on choices. Our lives are based on them, are molded by them and they guide us from one point to the next. Sometimes these choices are initiated not by us but by the external events in our lives such as deaths, births, job losses, marriages and divorces.

BelieveinYourselfWhen things like this happen, you immediately have a choice to move forward and succeed or to hide in the darkness of your doubt. You can choose to have faith in life, faith in what happened and faith in what awesome possibilities await you, no matter your age.

My friends, you will succeed not because you’re permitted to, but because YOU decide to. You will prosper and succeed in life not because of the hand you’ve been dealt, but because of what you do with it.

You can allow yourself to be held back by what is or what was, or you can choose to create what can be. Whatever comes your way is insignificant when compared to what you make of it. It is your choice.

Though others may have awesome relationships and other advantages going for them, remember this. You have YOU going for you.

Each of you have a solid, authentic purpose, and the determination to fulfill that purpose if YOU so choose. You have a unique perspective, and the ability to leverage that perspective into real, lasting value in all areas of your lives.

That’s more than enough to take you wherever you choose to go, no matter what your starting point may be or what age your beginning at. Whether circumstances favor you or not, your commitment and your actions can always be working in your favor.

Friends, please do not waste your time obsessing over what is unfair or unfortunate about your situation. What happened is behind you. Leave it there. Put all that you are into what you can do, into the positive steps you can take, and deliver yourself to wherever you wish to be. Have faith in yourself and in life.

Remember that our faith is the essence of all things hoped for and it is your persistent embrace of your highest aspirations and yearnings and your humble trust that what you wish will become a reality.

Faith is the essence of things hoped for. It is a persistent embrace of our highest aspirations and yearnings, a humble trust that they can be or can become reality.

Your faith in life and in yourself makes you tenacious and gives you strength to carry forward, knowing that your efforts will bring forth fruit. It is the light that shines in the distant thoughts and dreams when all around you seems dark, full of sorrow and despair.

It is through your faith in YOURSELF that you keep your eyes on the destination rather than on the pains of our pasts or on any of the hardships that lay before us.

Allow your faith to give you substance to your dreams and know with all that you are what is real and what is good and above all that YOU will reach that place that you so desire.

Believe in yourselves as others believe in you. As you read this, know that I believe in you!