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The world that we live in today is very competitive and very demanding. Over time, with all of this competition, we may find our confidence weakening or we may even find that we have lost it and even forgotten what it is.

CaptureIn case you have forgotten, I want to remind you that true confidence is a trust in ourselves. A trust in our abilities, our knowledge and our skills as well as the value we are each able to bring to any situation. To be confident is not to show bravado or ego. It really lies in the pure knowledge of who we each are and it is often built on our own individual hard work. Friends, our confidence is infectious, and it is key to living a successful life.

Remember that it is our confidence that gives us our courage to act; sometimes it is bold actions in the face of fear that creates and generates our confidence.

In our day-to-day lives if we let the little things get us down, we give the big problems the power to overwhelm you and those connected to you. When we complain about things that are not important, we jeopardize our abilities to handle the things that do matter.

Many times our days get interrupted by some unplanned aggravation, we have a choice to make. We can let it tarnish our attitudes or we can turn it around and use it to make ourselves more confident and commanding.

So, why not laugh at the little things? Why not see each as an opportunity? You see, it is the minor annoyances that you successfully handle that strengthen you and your confidence and it touches those to whom you are connected.

Now, that strong confidence will become useful and valuable when a major problem arises in your lives. That confidence that you built will enable you to reach your goals and some that you never even imagined!

So, from this day forward look at the days that are filled with the little annoyances as days filled with opportunities and welcome those opportunities with and open heart, open mind and with a smile on your face. In the end, it makes you and those around you, stronger.