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Friends, when we serve one another each of us instinctively respond to the needs and the desires of others as we would respond to our own. This is what I do each day I write for and to each of you. This is also one of reasons that I wrote the book that I am sharing with you below.

I wanted each of you to have the chance to have a physical copy of the words that cover finaltouch you. I wanted each of you to become part of the book in a way that makes it not just my words but yours as well. This is why it is to be read one day at a time and at the end of each virtue, you have a place to write in your own words what the virtues mean to you.

As requested by many of you and as a reminder, my book of virtues, “Santa Claus 28 Days of Virtues, an Advent” is available in paperback and as an eBook on Amazon and at Barnes & Noble.

There is only a few days left until Thanksgiving so I hope you take the opportunity to pick up a copy and I pray that my words touch you as they do here.

From a reader:An amazingly deep profound experience of reflection and soulful reconciliation to bring together the meaning of the Holiday Season beyond the material. I loved this book, couldn’t put it down. Whether you use it as a devotional, a guide, or just a book of wisdom and poetic thought; it is spiritual and deeply moving from Father Christmas himself.