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Are you ready for 2015? Are you ready to make this a rich, happy and meaningful year?

However, please tell me you’re not doing the “resolution” thing.

imagesResolutions never ever worked for me, at least not more than a few days, and to top it off, I’d end up hating myself for not following through. 2015 I will make no resolution!

Because the last thing you need is to find a definite way to make yourself feel BAD and I do not like bad.

Instead, I I am starting a new tradition: You set an intention to be happy and you manifest it with the power of positive affirmations.

Would you care to join me this year? Here’s 10 new year affirmations that you’d need to repeat every day in 2015 to create a happy and prosperous year for yourself, at least in my opinion.

Memorize them or read them off but say them every morning in 2015:

  1. I am worthy of love and happiness.
  2. I believe in my ability to accomplish everything that I desire.
  3. I am capable of handling all of life’s challenges.
  4. I feel strong and present in my own life no matter what life has dealt me.
  5. I accept my past mistakes and learn from them.
  6. I am healing myself through self-care and love.
  7. I am a source of inspiration and joy to all around me.
  8. I bring great energy into everything I do.
  9. I focus on positive thoughts and abundance living.
  10. I am here for a reason and my life matters and know that all others do as well.

Remember, the power of affirmations lies in repeating them daily, and in believing what you are saying. Repeat these 10 affirmations every day for a week and you’ll begin to notice the difference. If not, I promise to refund this post. 😉

First, you gotta let go of doubt and just trust yourself. You ARE worthy of happiness, joy, love and peace. Are you not? I think you are!

I am going to say goodnight, as I do not want to spend the change on social media. So, with that I say to you each God bless you, your families, your fur family and your friends. May the New Year give you each 365 opportunities to make a difference in your lives and in the lives of others!