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St. Thomas Aquinas said, “To one who has faith, no explanation is necessary. To one without faith, no explanation is possible.”

Faith is that thing which binds us all. What divide us are our beliefs and our interpretations of the words and teachings of those that have come before us. We 8315890239_62b181ac96_zlimit ourselves with our beliefs so that we can somehow explain the unexplainable and in doing so we fail to move forward as a human race.

We limit our possibilities and ourselves. We each have the power to change our lives. We each have the power to change the world. We each are limited only by what we choose to believe.

We can take action, we can each make a difference, rich or poor, and we can respond to this life in a positive, imaginative way to any condition. We can each do whatever must be done to live the life of our dreams and change our world in the process.

However, in order to do so we must each first believe that we can, we must have faith without limit that we and what we each do matters. In order to do so we must let go of the limiting beliefs that we each use to hold our humanity back.

Each limiting belief we allow ourselves to have is nothing more than a thought that lives in our mind. It is a thought that has power only as long as we continue to hold on to it.

What is it that you believe you cannot do, what you cannot change in this your life or in this world? Yes, it may be a comfortable and familiar part of your life, which belief is constantly working against you.

Just as you may have chosen to hold that limiting belief, you can also choose to let it go. One by one, little by little, let go of your limiting beliefs, and free yourself to make the very most of every moment of every day and touch as many lives for the better or our humanity.